Miss Rose Lipstick #90 Review & Swatches

8:17 PM shiza bblogger 5 Comments

A good color lipstick always attract me whatever the company is i just buy and use it .Recently i got a popular company Miss rose lipstick with a lovely color.
Its packaging is so cute with a heart shape cover and inside is a trendy orange color in semi nude.
Miss rose is  very popular in these days and it has lot of cute shades.i  am having a shade with the # 90 .

i start loving Miss rose lipstick when i saw one of my friend was wearing it.After that i thought to buy and then i got Miss rose.
Miss rose lipstick comes in different shades and colors some are mattes some are in shimmers.This shade is almost matte but i found little shine in also so its not a perfect nude nor shimmer its between of them semi nude.

I was so excited to use it and when i apply i feel love for it due to its texture plus shape and color.
I love the lipsticks that are soft in nature and easily applied.I found this lipstick from one of them.its so soft with  a good fragrance.

Its very creamy and glides smoothly on lips i feel yum and comfortable while applying it and enjoy its application. Yeah a lipstick that gives some enjoyment to me is the most beautiful lipstick for me and i apply that  whatever i want.Feels so hydrated and soft after applying.

                            Here are some of the swatches...

As its so pigmented but the shine and color is not long lasting its disappear soon and you need to reply again and again if you want full coverage from it but it  leaves the lips so smooth and shiny.These lipstick are so affordable in price and every one can purchase it available at local stores at the price of 110Rs or something now.
I will definitely recommend this for all lipstick lovers and who want a lipstick in affordable price.Who try this Share your thoughts about love to know and join this blog through Gfc. Xoxo Shiza

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