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 Hi beauties hope every thing is fine there,well we all are always in search of  an online store or stores which give us quality as well as variety of items.Then what's more you need?So  today i am here to share my shopping experience with Wadaan.Its a Pakistani online store which has variety of goodies for you.They are in deal of Customized Mug, Men's Wallets, Business Cards, Key chains & T-Shirts.All the products are in good quality with unique and pretty designs.

I feel my self a cute little princess after seeing this.

Some other products are also there like phone accessories & cases, Laptop Hand bags, sleeves & backpacks.Sky Lanterns and personal care products like men's deodorants are also included in product line.Glitter Foam Sheets are also available which is a hand crafting material. They also have arranged different products on customer's demand as well.

My thoughts:
While when i was searching on their page i found the camera pouches there which attracts me so much so i choose one  of them and decided to order that.Placing the order was so simple as i gave my address and they confirmed the order.After that they asked me for 24 hours and i got it as soon as it was possible.I was happy how they deliver on time and when i open the packet i found a cute bag that  was tagged with the store name Wadaan  and the pouch was in that bag.I was so excited to get this black floral pouch as its so cute and i can easily put my camera into that.I will recommend you all to visit their page and check out their entire collection here

What you think about... Let me know in the comments below..Xoxo shiza 
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  1. nice blog :) cute bag :D

    maybe follow for follow? :)

  2. Looks wonderful :)

  3. I have never heard about it, but it sounds interesting :)

  4. Great post!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  5. awww so pretty and creative
    thanks for sharing