Shades By Gal Cosmetics Lipstick In English Rose Review

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Shades By Gal is a famous cosmetics brand and i love their products as all of the products are so pigmented and creamy.I recently tried some of their products and so loving these.Today i am here to review one of their lipstick which is in shade English Rose.Want to know more about???Read my full review so lets see what i have to say about...

Product Description:

Luxurious lipstick that transforms lips with deep hydration, intense shine and extended wear. Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, paraben-free. Vitamins A, E, C . You can use brush or apply directly onto center of lips, blending outwards.

My Thoughts:
The packaging of this lipstick is so beautiful with all of the black color and company name is written in white color.All of the products are in same design which is just a love. I personally love this packaging because black is my favorite color and the design is so pretty with metallic kind of packaging which is not easy to brake and it is a big deal at all so you can save your lipstick for a long time without packaging breaking issues etc.Now moving to the lip color as it is in shade English Rose so it is kind of a pink rosy color which is so creamy, so smooth and easy to apply i love pink color lipsticks that's why i choose this color for me and i am so loving this.This color glides smoothly on lips and a very long lasting color i mean it lasts for so many hours and i am totally obsessed with this color.You can see  full pink lips as i applied this lipstick on my lips.It also give shine to your lips even you don't need to apply some thing extra on your lips like lip gloss as it has it own shimmer in it  and keeps your lips moisture and  hydrated as it works like a lip balm as well and i must say it is just a must have for every lipstick lover.On hand the color looks darker which i noticed when i was taking the swatches but when you applied on your lips the color looks lighter so you need to apply 2 to 3 cots to get the desire look.I am totally in love with this lipstick and i will recommend you all please grab this beauty and it so cheaper like 9.50$ which is not a big deal at all due to its quality and color so what are you waiting for???Visit Shades By Gal website now and grab this lipstick and start painting your lips for new year.

Long Lasting
Keeps your lips hydrated

Melted power is bit high
Need good amount to get fuller lips

Price & Availability:
You can check out details of this lipstick at Shades By Gal Cosmetics official website here 

My Ratings:


Did you ever try this brand???Let me know in the comments below.below. Xoxo Shiza 

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  1. thats such a pretty pink
    Merry Christmas

  2. Beautiful color! Great post dear!:) xx

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  3. Beautiful photos,
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Que linda cor de batom amei o resultado

  5. Wonderfull :) I haven't other word!!!
    Merry Christmas ^_^
    My Golden Glitter Corner ♥

  6. Oh look at that rich shade!! Love love it.

  7. this is very beautiful. love the shade.

  8. Lovely colour, i'm more darker on lipsticks but this is such a nice colour!
    Wish you a Merry Christmas!

  9. I've never heard of that brand before, but the color is gorgeous on you!

  10. it's amazing this color kiss

  11. This pink shade is gorgeous. This lipstick seems to have more cons than pros. I personally don't mind that it takes a bit more of the lipstick to achieve the perfect look as long as its durability is ok.

  12. Awesome review.and the lip color is very nice :)

  13. Awesome review.and the lip color is very nice :)

  14. wow very beautiful color
    I wish you an happy holidays
    fashion blogger