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Glitter eye shadows always catches more attention then matte eye shadows due to the shimmer and shine.These eye shadows gives a glamours look and mostly used for some special occasions like for some wedding events. Recently i got dust and shimmer pack by so i am here to share my reviews on these beauties.So lets jump to the review...

These shimmer comes in a transparent plastic container which includes 12 small golden colored plastic pots with screw cap.I am in love with the packaging because these are so easy to open and use.The container is having 12 pots which includes 8 glitters and 4 dust pots.With this dust and shimmer pack i also received a dual end sponge brush and a single fluffy brush to apply the glitters on your eye lid.I have check every single glitter/dust and i am pretty much impress with the quality and overall result.I must say that these glitters can easy work like branded ones and these are perfect to use if you can't afford some expensive brands.
Consistency of these glitters are super thick and these stays long on your eyes.Eye dust just work like pigmented eye shadow.These are so smooth and easy to apply.If you don't have any other eye shadows then you can use these dust as a base for glitters like you apply eye shadows.The white base along with these glitters which looks like a Vaseline is not too sticky but  works fine for me.However if you are a beginner to use these glitters or won't your glitters to fall out then you can use more sticky glue or glitter base.The brush is so smooth and easily place the glitters on your eye lid.
How to Apply the glitter:
1:Done your eye makeup as you want.
2:Take your eye shadow brush if you don't have a special brush.
3Take some glitter base with your brush
4:For better resutls use the cream base both of your brush and eyelid.
4:Dip the brush into glitter
5:Gently place the glitter where you want to apply.
6:Use light hands to press the glitter and don't blend.

Price & Availability: You can get this glitter pack at the price of  850rs from a Facebook page

My Ratings:4.5/5

To be honest if you want some glitters at affordable rates this dust and shimmer pack is highly recommended.

What do you think about these glitters???Share your views in the comments box below..Much Love Shiza

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  1. lovely shimmer packs! I must say that I'm mesmerized by that gold make up look you created. It is absolutely beautiful. I wished I was that skilled with make up, I need to practice more.
    Thanks for sharing this site with us, it seems like they have great affortable stuff there.

  2. Nice colors, have a good day

  3. These glitters look amazing, good to know about them, because they have nice price :)

  4. Wonderful post, love it! :)
    I invite you to my blog, maybe follow for follow? :)

  5. I love all the colors! soo fancy!

    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal :)

  6. These are so bold and perfect for that funky night out. Love, -Great review, Shiza dear! :)

  7. Love to try them too!Please always keep in touch, I would love to hear from you!

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    Qing's Style

  8. Gorgeous shimmer shades. Am loving the gold glam look you created. Nice review

  9. OMG. So pretty. I like!

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  10. Well these look all really great and your makeup is amazing! I just can´t use this type of glitter :) I don´t have the patience!

  11. I just love this its to pretty

    Check out my blog :)

  12. awesome!! In love with your makeups <3
    Im your new follower dear!!

  13. nice glitter set
    Check out my new post

  14. wow these eye shadows look so pretty! :)