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Lilash Eyelash & LiBrow Eyebrow Serum Review

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Every girl want long and super thick lashes and well groomed eyebrows.Even i also use falsies to make my eyelashes little bigger and i also fill my eyebrows to remove some imperfections from my face but these all things are temporary one.You definitely need some products like some formulated serums to make your lashes long and fuller eyebrows as well.So today i am going to review Lilash serum and Librow eyebrow serum from LiLash and want to share my opinion so lets get started...

LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum was created to redefine how long, lush lashes can power a woman’s look. Formulated by a physician to safely and effectively enhance the length and curl of natural eyelashes, LiLash has become a global beauty obsession with a sincere cult-like following.

Use once daily on clean, dry skin. Apply the serum along the lash line of the upper eyelid, similar to liquid eyeliner. Wait three minutes before using other cosmetics.

My Thoughts:
I received the package with a cute box which was filled with lash serum, eyebrow serum along with a pretty double sided mirror.Both of the serums come in silver metallic type tubes having straight brush wands to help you to easily apply the product.I feel that the brow serum applicator is more thicker than the lash serum.As i already told that both of these products.Smell is just like you are using some medicated products but it faded away after applying the products.These serums really help you to turn out your eyebrows and eyelashes pretty dark and groomed.Although its a slow process but the fact is it really works and gives you good results.If any one is having thin lashes or some eyebrow issues then these serums are highly recommended.

Price & Availability: LiBrow and LiLash serum are available at LiLash official website here & here

How do you think about these serums???Let me know in the comment box below...Xoxo Shiza

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