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Summer Shopping Haul+Cute Things!!!

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Summer is coming up with it's beauty as weather here is changing quickly and i was really needed some items specially shoes for up coming summer
so i ordered some items from zaful which i am going to share with you.Let's have a look...

Do you want something else after seeing these beauties???My expressions were the same when i saw these cute fleece sock on their store that why these are not in my socks collection so i order these and belive me i wanted to hold these again and again to feel the softness.I think this is one of the best pick from all the items.You can check out the details here

I am a big fan of fleece socks and i really want a big collection so i also ordered this pair both of the pair looks so cute and super warm to wear and these are budget friendly.You can check out the detials of this item here

This shoe pair was my ist pick from there store and these looks so comfortable and stylish to wear.The price is really cheap and these are perfect to wear wheter you are a student or a working women.You can wear these causally or for special events as well.You can check out the details of these slippers here

Do you love this haul???Let me know in the comment box below..Xoxo Shiza

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  1. Socks are so lovely <3 I clicked into the links!


  2. Such cute items. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  3. Beautiful haul. :)

  4. Good post, bunnies cute

  5. Love this so much!

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  6. looks great :)

    Invite to my blog and follow each other

  7. It's véry beautiful

  8. Oh God! Socks are so cute :)

    I hope that you visit my blog and maybe stay for longer!

    Elwira Charmuszko

  9. I really love fleece socks because my feet are always cold.
    So this two pars are really cute and definately will be one of my next bed socks.
    Best wishes

  10. Great slippers! Happy new week!:)