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Adults who love to shoe shop may find it perplexing that nothing puts kids in a bad mood like a new pair of shoes. No matter how well the shoes fit, they are always uncomfortable the first few times the child wears them. Adults say, “You just need time to break them in.” This platitude is of little consolation to a child, who sits, pouting, at the restaurant table in a new pair of penny loafers. It takes more than a few hours to get used to the fit of something.

Breaking in a New Bike

It also takes time to get used to the fit of a bike. From cheap beach bikes to fancy hybrid bikes, you just can’t be sure whether you like a bike the first time you ride it. If you are used to a women’s beach cruiser, then a bike with an aerodynamic riding position will always feel weird in the beginning. If you ride your bike every day, then you can make a decision about whether it is right for you within a few weeks. Of course, only the most serious riders ride every day. Leisure riders who only ride once a week might need several months to make a decision about a bike.

Sixthreezero Gives You Time to Make Up Your Mind

If you are unhappy with a bike, it is easy enough to return it to the bike shop. The bike shop staff might adjust the bike and tell you to give it another chance. Sixthreezero gives you the same freedom to break in your bike and decide if it is for you. You have a whole year to ride and adjust your bike.

Sixthreezero makes it easier than ever to buy bikes online.

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