My Favorite Cross body Bag!!!

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Cross body bags looks so trendy and beautiful.So i am here to share a new addition in my stash which is nothing but this camera ready cross body bag.
It's so cute to wear matches with any outfit and less pricey.You can also put as many items as you want.It also has a lens time pocket in front in which you can add your must have items.

About handheld skin tool:

 Removes mild stretch marks
-Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
-Reduces the effects of sun damage and hyper-pigmentation
-Triggers cell regeneration
-Improves skin elasticity, texture and tone
-Safe for home use
-Notes: the effect of massage varies from person to person
Beauty In Face Use method:
-Roll from top to bottom along with the face outline to firm the skin of mouth, cheek and face
-Focus massage chin can remove the double chin. Be careful overexert
-Grip the handle up, from the shoulder to the back of the collar, back and forth ot scroll up and down along
<b>Cleaning method:</b>
-Soak about 5~8 minutes with 75% alcohol
-Use for 10-15 minutes

I also want to share a skin tool which is a skin tighten tool that can remove stretch marks,sun damage,hyper pigmentation,double chin and many other things.I just ordered it because it was looking so helpful and i thing i am going to use it for so many times now.make sure to hold the tool correctly and take good results.

You can check all the items details in the link below...

Handheld 3D Kneading Ball Tighten Skin Tool 

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