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How To Have a Great Skin During Summers!!!The Pro Beauty Tip You Just Can’t Miss Out

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The days are getting long and the Sun is becoming Hotter! Welcome to the brightest six months of the year. Did you guess it? Summer is finally here, after all those long night and cool breeze; it’s time for mercury to shoot up.
Well, all that bright is not gold and when it’s almost the month of May, you really need to find some shade. The straight Sunlight, pollution and dirt can penetrate your beautiful glowing skin into an old woman running in her late 80s.
Here are the hacks to beat the heat and stay glowingly stylish

Exfoliate Your Body
Do you know the basic ground rule of having a healthy glowing skin stays in the process of Exfoliate. It helps in taking off the dead skin and removes dirt by performing deep cleaning to the inner most layer of the skin.
For a healthy and bright skin, the skin doctors have recommended at least 2 -3 times a week!

·         Sun(Screen) is Must
The depletion in ozone layer has caused many of skin infections that have long lasting effects on your facial skin, sleeves, neck and most of the exposed area under the Sun. A sun protected film act as an insulator and helps the skin to avoid direct contact with the Sun rays.
Make sure to have UVA and UVB products and comes in SPF 30 and SPF 70

·         Drink a lot of Water and Fresh Juices
Make it habit to at least drink 8 – 10 glass of water on daily basics. Not only it helps in keeping your body hydrated, but also washes out a lot of toxins.

·         Pack Your Summer Boots
Your long winter boots must being packed, as it is the time for you to try out some sandals. Make your feet sandals ready by getting a quality pedicure that’ll scrub off your dead skin in the most effective manner.

Summer Tip
Enjoy the sun while keeping proper care of your skin. All the mentioned tips are absolutely effective and have taken from multiple sources like lifestyle magazine  and some of our personal experiences. Have a great Summer Ahead!

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