Galaxy Pure Hazel Korean Lenses Review

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I love to wear lenses as lenses makes your eyes beautiful , attractive and transform the eyes into desire color according to your eye makeup or dress etc.Today i am going to review the pretty Galaxy Pure Hazel Korean Company Lenses provided by Eye Style.


Water Content:45%
Terpolymerimmersed: 55%
Pwr :Plano


Is a newly started online store which provided lenses with pretty colors.

They claim that...

We deal in complete range of eye wear branded ones,spectacles,sunglasses and contact lenses.
We offer Cash On Delivery.We provide powered and Plano lens with all known brands. Our lens are perfect for both dark and light colored eyes.You can get free consultation from our qualified optometrist.

Lets talk about the packaging and shipping:

I got the lenses in a lens pouch which was nicely packed with
the pairs of my desire lenses along with lens cases and

solution which is 2 in one you can use as a solution or eye
drops.I was thinking that as i am not in Karachi so i will
receive the parcel lately but they shipped the parcel within
three days which is a plus point.

Design And Size:

While purchasing the lenses design and size are the most important things to be notice. For me these lens are thick in nature and the amazing thing which i love is they are fit enough because the lens which are not according to the eye size looks overlarge and does not give the desire effect. 

My Thoughts :

Eye Style have variety of colors but i got the blue and green
one to try.The colors are pretty awesome and never wear
such types of colors before.One pair is green with the
combination of dark and light green or you can say sea green
color with  little mixture of brown while the other one is
blue with the mixture of light brown.When we talk about
blue and green then the dark effect came in our mind but
these colors are not much dark and soft and smooth in nature
as for me these are not harsh in tone.


You can easily wear the lens without any kind of tint or
irritation if you know the actual technique of wearing the
lens. However if you feel irritation if it is your first experience
to wear the lens then use the solution as a eye drops which i
have mention above.Clean your hands every time you wear
or remove the lens.Don't rub your eyes because rubbing will
create irritation in your eyes.

Price And Availability:

You can buy these lenses from Eyestyle at the price of 1100rs with the offer of buy one get one and free cod.I will recommend you all to check out their page and grab your pairs before the offer ends.

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