Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser & Deep Clean Foaming Pads Review

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During the facial or on regular basis  we usually use cleansing milk with the help of finger tips for removing the dirt and oil from the face but for all the people who have the oily skin like mine i am here with a new power cleanser which is Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser.

What they claim about?

‘The first of its kind , the Neutrogena WAVE Original power cleanser is still shaking up the cleansing world with its gentle vibrations.
Guaranteed to leave skin softer and smoother after just 1 use.
Cleans 10x deeper than traditional cleansers to remove more oil, dirt, and makeup.
It’s so gentle you can use it daily. Dermatologist Tested.

                             The Pack includes a Power Cleanser

    Attachment Head, 14 pads for trial (each 1.57 in or 40 mm)

                                                  & 1-AA Duracell Battery

How to use?

1)Attach a disposable pad to the attachment head.

2) Hold the power cleanser under running water to activate cleansing pad

3) Turn on by pressing power button and gently massage over face avoiding eye area.

My Thoughts

I basically got this because of my oily skin and as it was mentioned on it that it deeply clean out the skin and remove the dirt and oil from pores so i decided to try this out and after using, it leaves my skin so soft , smooth and dirt free.The included pads are so soft and gentle and when you put water on these, works as like a face wash with the awesome fragrance that  pads release which changes your mood too.The exciting thing that i saw is you need to buy the cleanser one time and many  people can use it through changing the pads but remember that one pad can be use at one time and no other or you can use it again.You need to throw out every pad you used at once because it will be full of your face dirt and reuse can leave pimples or germs on your skin.

Leaves the skin so softer
Remove oil and dirt.
You don't need to use your fingers to massage
Works deeply into your pores
pricey as compare the normal cleanser You need to buy the pads again and again.
It took power to run out on your face and if you will use for more time your hand will start paining as happened to me.
You need to change the battery as power is used.
Little difficult to remove the pad from cleanser.
Not for dry skin.

Its price is 1,370.You can buy this power cleanser from BeautyArena

I will recommend this for all who want a clean and soft skin without doing so much effort.

Let me know what you think about leaving the comments below.

Xoxo Shiza

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  1. Great review. Never heard about this gadget before. Thanks for review and information.
    Sahar- The cozy fashionista

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  5. I have bought this cleanser never used it... after reading your review will gonna use it soon :D ... Thanks Shazia for ur review <3

  6. great review .. i was planning to give it a try :)