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Are you conscious about your skin?Do you want your skin to be soft and smooth with some brightness and glowy effect???.Today i am here with the most talkable  Orglow organic face brightening mask by Salina cosmetics.

i heard alot about this product but this time i am going to share my own experience with this mask.Lets see what i have to say about this product.

Orglow claims about: 

Orglow is our 100% organic and 100% natural face brightening and whitening mask.

Orglow gives you an instant brightening look, whitens and tightens the skin, making you look younger.

Made completely natural ingredients, no chemicals of any kind are added, so it doesn't harm your skin in any way!

Packaging: The packaging of this mask is very simple.The mask is in a plastic  jar with air tight cap and it is sealed pack to protect from any kind of environmental changes.

How to apply:

The applying method is simple, all you need to do is just one table spoon of yogurt and one table spoon of this Orglow mask, mix it well and apply all over your face and neck ,wait for 10 to 15 mins and rinse off using your wet hands in circular motion with out rubbing.If you have a dry skin add glycerin and for oily skin add few drops of rose water.After rinsing off you will feel a clear glow on your skin.

My thoughts/Experience:
I was crazy about this mask after hearing lots of saying about,it was in my wishlist and then finally start using this few days back.As i have a very sensitive skin so i try to avoid using such types of products and was not expected much from this but as the Salina cosmetics claims that it is made of natural ingredients so i thought to try this out.After applying i feel little irritation which was not going to end till the mask dried.However there was no redness type of thing due to the irritation .After rinsing off i feel my skin so smooth and soft plus a visible glow.But the brightness expect did not work for me as Orglow claims.The thing which Orglow needs to improve for this mask is,its strong smell that irritate on serious basis but i think its due to the herbs which are included in it.All the procedure and expiry date is written on the back side of the mask for a new user ease.i had used a full spoon of this mask and yogurt but it was more than my need so you can reduce the quantity as well.The packaging of this mask is not travel friendly at this moment but may be Orglow improve it in future.

Leaves your skin soft and smooth.
No harmful ingredients.
Give a visible glow.

Strong smell.
Not travel friendly.
Little Irritation for sensitive skin.

My Rating:

My overall experience was good with this mask and for a soft and smooth skin you need to try this mask.For price and order I will recommend you all to please visit Orglow facebook page here.Did you ever try Orglow?Let me know in the comments below.Don't forget to follow my blog and like my facebook.Xoxo Shiza

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  2. Great review.
    I love organic and natural beauty products like this.

  3. I have been using Clearglow for acne prone skin and it has done wonders for me.
    My skin is now clear, bright and tightened up. I use it thrice a week and my skin is all clean and clear and glowy MashAllah :)

  4. Nice post!!! kiss Xx