Odho Cosmetics Blushes & Contour Face Powders Review

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Hi beauties i hope you are doing great.I was in phase of trying some products from odho cosmetics and also did a review on their single press eye shadows which you can check here as well.Today i am going to review some of their blush on and Contour powders collection.Lets see what i have to say about...

The Blush on shades which i got are...

Dove (ABO-2)

The shades which i got for Contour Powders are

Coffee (acfpc-8)

Chocolate (acfpc-7)

Walnut (acfpc-6)

My Thoughts:
Odho cosmetics is a famous Pakistani beauty brand .They have variety of products with amazing colors and textures.Recently i grab my hands on these blushers and Contour face powders from their range.Lets talk about the blush on ist.I got four colors in these blushes which are Dove,Cockatoo,Robin and Falcon.Dove and Cockatoo are light in color while Robin and falcon are in darker shades.All of the colors are super pretty and with a soft texture but the thing which make me so disappointing that dove and Cockatoo are less pigmented and after applying multiple times these shades does not give the desire results even does not show up on skin specially the dove one, however Robin and falcon are super pigmented and works really well but all of the four blushes are chalky in nature and these are not super in quality as the odho cosmetics press eye shadows are, so odho cosmetics need to work more on these blushes to make them as perfect as any other hi end brand.
Robin and dove take time to blend while the dove and Cockatoo are lighter in colors so these are easy to blend.You can use the color Cockatoo as a highlighter as well because it has some glitter in it and it is less powdery so its perfect for high lite more than a blush on. 
Now come to the contour face powders.These are the same in texture as the blush on are chalky in nature and less pigmented.There are three colors in this rang which are coffee,chocolate and walnut.All the three colors are for contouring and you can used them for a normal or light contour to darker as well but for a proper contour you need some hi pigmented product.But to be honest these contour powders are better in pigmentation than the blush on.I tried the color Coffee and it works perfectly fine for me as i don't like heavy contouring but the other colors are lighter than this color so i really like this color after i did some contouring with this.It gives a great visibility and shine on cheeks and now i am going to use it for my contour routine.The other two colors are less pigmented and the names chocolate and the walnut shows how the color looks like.The packaging is as same as the eye shadows had like a mirror under the pan and in blushes there is a little brush to apply the blushes while in contour powders you have a sponge to apply the contour powders but in my opinion these are not good to apply, you will definitely need some contour brushes.My overall experience with these products are good and if you want to buy some reasonable products then you should definitely check odho cosmetics and enjoy shopping.

Price & availability: 

You can check out Odho Cosmetics Facebook page here or you can buy these beauties from 



Easily available 


Some shades are not visible to skin

My Ratings:


Did you ever try these products??? comment below to share your views.Much love Shiza

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  1. I find these fantastic colors

  2. These are fantastic i love the packaging too.Thanks for sharing

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  5. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  6. This brands seems great! These contour powders come in a nice variety of shades.

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  10. Amazing Swatches, i love the fantastic Shades!


  11. All the pictures are amazing. Love your swatches. Would definitely try this one. Thanks for sharing.

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  14. It looks great makeup, I did not know this brand xxx

  15. Great review, I don't think these would do well on my skin though

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  16. Amazing products:) sound so great kiss

  17. Amazing products,great colors!!!

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