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Review: Sig Magic Brush Shampoo By SigmaBeauty!!!

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Hello, peeps! I hope you are doing great.Well, today I am going to share my views about the newly launched brush shampoo named as SigMagic by my all time favorite brand SigmaBeauty.This is the most innovative product which sigma beauty has launched recently and I got a chance to try this amazing product so I am going to share my views about this beauty,So let's get started...

About the Product:

SigMagic™ Brushampoo™ is a groundbreaking product created to take brush care to the next level. Using 100% natural virgin coconut and ethically sourced palm oil, this cleanser effectively dissolves product build-up, oil residue, and harmful bacteria to enhance the functionality of brushes.

Combine SigMagic™ Brushampoo™ with any of our award-winning Sigma Spa® products for the deepest clean possible. Fragrance, sulfate and paraben free.

SigMagic comes in a white and silver packaging which looks so pretty and unique.The bottle has a pump at the top which makes the product easier to come and the product name is well written on the bottle with holographic text which makes the packaging more attractive.The bottle contains 150ml of the product which is made up with 100% natural ingredients like cocoa oil.The thing which I really love is the bottle is travel-friendly and you can easily carry this in your bag.You can use sigma brush cleaning gadget along with this brush shampoo to clean out your brushes.All the instructions are mentioned on the back side of the brush shampoo.It smells like fresh coconut and the texture is same like water and it's no sweet in smell and it has a natural smell as I am not into sweet smell perfumes so that I can use the product easily.

To use this brush shampoo, wet your sigma brush and then dispense 2 to 3 pumps of the product directly on the brush as instructed by sigma.I use my sigma brush cleaner glove to clean my brushes.Take your brush cleaning to the next level by using SigMagic said by Sigma.
Overall,SigMagic has really made my brush cleaning a lot easier.Before the brush shampoo I was just using some of the normal baby shampoos to clean my brushes as all the other products cleaned my brushes but they leave the brush bristles so hard with the annoying smell and I was really needed something special to wash my brushes and i must say SigMagic is just worth a bug and highly recommended.

Price & Availably: SigMagic is available on Sigmabeauty website at the price of $15 only.Use code SIGMA10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase at Sigmabeauty

My Ratings:5/5
Sigma beauty is offering some of the discount on their products during this Holiday month which you can avail by using the discount codes below...

Nov 29: 30% off sitewide + Free Brush cup with $50 purchase with code CYBER30
Dec 12 to 13: 20% off Sigma SPA Gadgets and Sigmagic with code GREEN20

Have you tried SigMagic???Let me know in the comment box below..Xoxo Shiza

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